I am a PhD Student at Computer Science Department of Sapienza University of Rome, working under supervision of Prof. Alessandro Panconesi.
From February to August 2017, I was a visiting research scholar at Brown Univeristy hosted by Prof. Eli Upfal.
My main research interests include Data Mining, Recommender Systems, Machine Learning, Social Networks, Computational psychology.

Address: Viale Regina Elena 295B, Palazzina G, Stanza G49, Roma, Italia


PhD Student
Computer Science Department, Sapienza University of Rome
Advisor: Prof. Alessandro Panconesi
From: November 2014 - present

Visiting Research Scholar
Computer Science Department, Brown University, hosted by Prof. Eli Upfal.
From: Febrary 2017 - August 2017

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering Department, Epoka University, Albania
Graduated: June 2014


  • M. Antenore, A. Panconesi, E. Terolli. Songs of the Future Past: An Experimental Study on Online Persuaders. In ICWSM '18: The International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media.
  • L. De Stefani, E. Terolli, E. Upfal. Tiered Sampling: An Efficient Method for Approximate Counting Sparse Motifs in Massive Graph Streams. In IEEE Big Data ’17: IEEE Conference in Big Data [pdf].
  • F. Chierichetti, R. Kumar, A. Panconesi, and E. Terolli. The Distortion of Locality Sensitive Hashing. In ITCS ’17: Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science [pdf].
  • M. Bressan, S. Leucci, A. Panconesi, P. Raghavan, and E. Terolli. The Limits of Popularity-Based Recommendations, and the Role of Social Ties . In KDD ’16: ACM SIGKDD Conferenceon Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.[pdf]
  • A. Topal, O. Altun, and E. Terolli. Dynamic Virtual Bats Algorithms (DVBA) for Minimization of Supply Chain Cost with Embedded Risk. In EMS ’14: European Modelling Symposium,October 2014.
  • E. Terolli and I. Hakrama. Modeling a Career Office System with UML. In ISCIM ’13: International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics.


  • Songs of the Future Web Platform
    Development of SOFT ( web platform, which serves as an experimental framework for studying different ways in which the recommendation systems affect the process of decision making of a user while purchasing online. Implementation of different recommendation systems algorithms like: Non-Personalized and Collaborative Filtering.
    ** Participation of 2700 people from 26 countries
  • Career Office Information System
    Career Office Information System was the end result of the bachelor studies, which aimed at providing the medium building which would bring university, student and business altogether by simplifying the process of students transition from university to labor market and enables businesses to hire the best candidates.


  • January 2017: won 'Mobility Grant for PhD Student' to visit Brown University for 6 months in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
  • January 2017: participated in ITCS 2017 conference in Berkeley, USA.
  • October 2016: participated in Grace Hopper - Women in Computing conference in Houston, USA.
  • August 2016: participated in KDD 2016 conference in San Francisco, USA.
  • June 2016: won Grace Hopper Conference Scholarship
  • June 2016: participated in SINS 2016 workshop in Venice, Italy.
  • May 2016: participated in Google IO conference in Mountain View, USA.
  • June 2015: visited Google offices London, UK.
  • May 2015: won Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
  • May 2015: participated in WWW 2015 conference in Florence, Italy.


  • Main Organizes of Programming Camp with Google.
    For two days together with Computer Engineering Department of Epoka University we organized the Google Programming Camp with high school students that were interested in Computer Sciences. Students from Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Fier, Gramsh were selected from their school directors to participate in this program. In two days they had chance to experience the complete university student life including Epoka campus life, teaching process in the computer labs and of course the out-of-town Epoka-unique transport. The program was financially supported by technology giant Google that takes similar initiatives to serve directly to the community. In the opening ceremony Mrs. Milena Harito, who during her term in office as the Minister of Innovation and Public Administration led a digital transformation of the public administration to ensure a higher efficiency and transparency, emphasized that one of the biggest challenges in modernization of our country, public and also private sector, is to find high-qualified people to understand the way towards the modernization. The Head of the Section of Natural and Technical Sciences at the Albanian Academy of Sciences, Professor Salvatore Bushati expressed his joy to be together with the future academics, appreciated the activity and encouraged the participants to continue their studies in Computer Science. The executive director of National Agency of Scientific Research and Innovation Mr. Geron Kamberi added that students in engineering need a good blend of both technical and soft skills in order to be successful. Through a Skype call connection, Dr. Silvio (Google researcher) talked to students on the importance of computer science and technical fields. Through real examples from his experience as a scientist, he did a great talk about the culture, challenges and opportunities that big tech companies offer to their current and future employees. Finally, in a Q&A session Silvio answered many interesting questions coming from the high school students. The training days were organized with different training sections where students were able to learn the main concepts of programing. In the second day of the program, teams composed of three randomly selected students competed on an online programming competition. There were three winning groups in this online competition, for each winning group were given certificates and awards. The first place was shared between Jovan Shandro (Turgut Ozal Durres), Riselda Kodra (Naim Frasheri), Fidelius Lula (Ismail Qemali); Andi Hamolli (Sami Frasheri), Pranvera Progni (Qemal Stafa) and Armena Keshi (Mehmet Akif Vajza) got the the second place; Alban Louis Ziko (Harry Fultz Institute), Stela Leka (Dhaskal Todri) and Egnantis Basha (Flatrat e Dijes) got the third place. We thank the participating students and hope that they continue to build on the knowledge that they gained in this intensive camp.
  • I am co founder of me.code() program.
    Me.Code() program was born as part of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship outreach for 2015 for the scholars in Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Our goal is to help high school students discover computer science through an AppInventor tutorial. Onsite workshops will take place in Albania, Bulgaria and Spain and the tutorial can also be followed online in 6 different languages.
  • Main Organizer of Anita Borg Birthday Celebration in Albania 2016
    Anita Borg Birthday Celebration in Albania was a unique event organized for the first time in Tirana, Albania which lasted for an entire week. The events’ primary goal was the motivation and encouragement of girls in Computer Science or any related field to define high goals in life and to never give up pursuing their dreams. The event was devised in two parts. The first part consisted in a series of Android App development workshops which had as main target the high school female students. The goal here was to introduce them to the beauties and possibilities offered in computer science in a practical approach: by teaching them how to build their first Android App in an easy and interactive way. The Android App development workshops were held throughout 3 days in 3 high schools of Albania. A total number of 158 participants (124 females and 34 males) learned how to build their first Android App using the MIT App Inventor.
    The second part of Anita Borg Birthday Celebration in Albania was a seminar for all girls studying in Computer Science or any related technical field. A total of 79 people, from whom 75 females and 4 males, were present and participated in it.The seminar remained faithful to the events’ primary goal; that is motivation and encouragement of girls to take action and pursue their dreams and consisted of various talks from invited guests, Minister of Innovation Mrs. Milena Harito and Google SE Mrs. Vedrana Jankovic, information about opportunities provided worldwide in the form of scholarships, internships, conferences, seminars or summer schools from universities and giants of technology.